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    We Invite You to Ask The Question

    Service members, veterans, and their families are strong, resilient, and proud. Their comfort zone is service to others, not seeking help for themselves, but many do need help. From families dealing with the challenges of deployment, to returning warriors reintegrating into civilian life, to aging veterans in need of care. There are many barriers veterans … Read More


    Encouraging Service Providers to “Ask the Question”

    Veterans’ Groups Encourage Service Providers to “Ask the Question” Ask the Question is providing justice system members a way to help veterans. By giving providers the proper information, veterans will be able to feel comfortable in the system. Through asking the question, “Have you or a family member ever served in the military”, veteran awareness … Read More


    ‘Ask the Question’ Campaign launches to better serve NH’s veterans, service members

    The state of New Hampshire has come together to improve access to care and quality of care for our veterans. Companies all over the state are working together to insure our veterans know what resources are available to them.


    DHHS Wants Providers To “Ask The Question”

    The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services and Easter Seals New Hampshire have launched the Ask the Question campaign to help better the lives of our veterans. Understanding the process behind the campaign is important to understanding the final outcome. People and companies have come together to create a one of a kind … Read More