About the Program

To inspire and empower providers across multiple sectors
to better serve NH veterans by asking the question,
“Have you or a family member ever served in the military?”

The purpose of this initiative is to implement a statewide campaign that encourages agencies and organizations from a variety of provider sectors (including healthcare, social services, education, and others) to ask the question, “Have you or a family member ever served in the military?,” and provide information and assistance to providers regarding what to do when the answer is “Yes.”

The “Ask the Question” Outreach & Education Campaign is an initiative of the NH Department of Health and Human Services with ongoing review from the NH Commission on PTSD and TBI (COPT). It is funded through NH’s BIP (Balancing Incentive Program) grant, and operates concurrently and in coordination with a statewide Military Culture Education & Training Campaign being carried out by Dare Mighty Things. The project is time-limited, ending June 30, 2016.

The Ask the Question Campaign is dedicated to Lt. Col. Stephanie Riley, a former nurse with the NH Air National Guard and a strong advocate and leader for Ask the Question. Lt. Col. Riley died of lung cancer in December of last year, but her message and spirit continue to create positive change within our State.